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What is Gold?

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Gold Mining and Exploration

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Gold Export Procedures

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Company's Message

Welcome to Durba Goldfields SPRL! One of the most reputable gold trading and mining consultancy
firms in Democratique Republique du Congo. We offer you nothing but products and services of the highest calibre.

This is the dawn of a new era that symbolizes quality, responsibility for our actions and accurate
record keeping.

With our extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory policies, our clients
are in safe hands doing business with Durba Goldfields SPRL. The spirit of team work and excellent
communication remains the core of our values.

Durba Goldfields SPRL. has taken the lead in gold trade and export in Democratique Republique du Congo with the evidence of its
track record of successful international partnerships all across the Globe resultance from
performance at its highest peak.

Be our partner today and experience a new era of business success.

What we do

Investing in metals and gems minerals is one of the most popular investments available. Typically when investing in gold you are buying gold mining stocks in a mining company. Investors are typically investing in gold as a hedge or harbour against economic, political or social uncertainties. If you’re considering investing in gold or are looking for a mining company to invest with in East Africa, then please take a moment and inquire with us. We have a corporate and operating team with extensive experience in exportation, negotiations and operating gold mines in Central and East Africa. At Gold dealers Africa, our commitment to gold does not stop with securing gold ores but extends to its global marketing, downstream value adding activities as well as monitoring of consumer trends and perceptions. We are dealers of Gold nuggets and dore bars from South Sudan, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Uganda and Tanzania. Due to public and our customer base support as well as demand for us to expand our trade into other minerals that are mined and handled within our reach, we are now full-time dealers and suppliers of Tantalite Ore, Copper cathodes and Rough uncut Diamonds.
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